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Wednesday Afternoon Small Group

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Our church is a place to gather with friends and worship God.  We are Spirit-led and Spirit-filled, following Jesus' example to reach out and love others.

Vision Statement

We are called by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to shine Christ's light in the world.

Mission Statement

Reach, teach and send so we may love and serve all. 

What We Believe

We believe in God, our Father and Creator, and we believe we have salvation through Jesus Christ. Jesus is the reality and center of our life, and we are witnesses to all He has done for us. Through the power and work of God's Holy Spirit, we have strength, knowledge, joy, and peace.  

We believe the church is the community of God's promise and should stretch out to human needs, through serving, to convey God's love. Through God, our outreach knows no limits.


Baptism is a symbolic act of accepting God's saving grace, identifying yourself as a person of God, and becoming a part of the body of Christ. We use water in the name of God to symbolize the cleansing from sin, the death of your old life, and rising up to begin new life in Jesus. In the act of baptizing, the Holy Spirit's power is not dependent upon how the water is administered or the age/maturity of the person being baptized—God's grace makes the act holy, and we recognize and celebrate baptisms from other churches and denominations.

If someone has been baptized but has lived in neglect or defiance, they only need to repent and return to God—they do not need to be re-baptized. Reaffirming the vows taken during baptism is a witness to the good news that while we may be unfaithful, God is not.


Jesus invites everyone who loves Him to repent of sin and seek to live as His followers.

Communion is a gift of God to believers, and an act of the community of faith. When God calls us to take communion and we respond, we affirm and deepen our personal relationship with Him. Everyone who responds in faith is welcomed to take communion with us, however no one needs to feel pressure to participate. We take communion out of our hunger to receive God's gracious love, forgiveness, and healing.

We use bread, unfermented grape juice, and a common cup in our communion. We respect these elements only because God is using them for holy purposes. Communion is a symbolic act of Christ conveying grace, forgiving sin, foreshadowing heaven, and strengthening us for our journey to salvation.




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