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Christian Ed.
9:45 a.m.

11:00 a.m.


Grow in your knowledge and understanding of Jesus



Wednesday Afternoon Small Group

Every Wednesday, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM




We believe that to bring people to Jesus requires us to grow in our knowledge and understanding of Him. We encourage and offer everyone the opportunity to participate in ongoing Christian discipleship and personal formation, and at Horizons of Faith we offer Christian Education for all ages.

Sunday Mornings

Our Sunday morning classes begin at 9:15 AM, before our worship gathering. We have classes for children of all ages and adults, small groups, and short-term classes.

Curriculum for our Christian Education classes is chosen for its depth, breadth, variety, and acknowledgement of the historic understanding of the Christian faith.

Small Groups

We also have classes and small groups throughout the week for people who cannot make it on Sundays. Small Groups provide a caring group of people for loving, growing, and experiencing life together in a smaller, more intimate place for you to belong and grow.

Small Groups meet on various days and times, so you can find one that works perfectly with your schedule. Here is a list of the current Small Groups at Horizons of Faith.

Wednesday Afternoon Small Group

The Wednesday Afternoon Small group consists mainly of retired women who come together to study and to continue to challenge themselves in their daily walk with God.


Thirties + or – Something Small Group

Thirties + or – Something is a small group with special focus for those in their thirties plus or minus a few years either way. We will have a basic Bible study focusing on how the scriptures apply to our lives. Additionally, it will be a time of gathering in a safe place to just be heard and listen for about an hour without interruptions.   

TSGFTWDHTFSG (The Small Group For Those Who Don't Have Time For Small Group)

TSGFTWDHTFSG meets one Wednesday evening a month for food, fellowship, discussion and service. Each month, the group is led by one of its members through a study involving various aspects, or even areas of controversy, of our faith. Over the last several years, this group has delved into authors ranging from the traditional, such as N.T. Wright and William Placher, to icons of Emerging Christianity, such as Marcus Borg and Indiana's own Phillip Gulley. As part of an eclectic bunch, each member of the group enjoys discussion in a spirit of mutual respect for the opinions of the others, all in an attempt to clarify his or her beliefs and the reasons supporting them. The group has also undertaken several mission projects, and is involved each year in organizing a gift program to brighten the Christmas season for patients at LaRue Carter Hospital. TSGFTWDHTFSG is always open to new members and visitors.



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